As an OU student, you’ll spend a lot of time online. That doesn’t just have to be working on TMAs or reading for your course – there’s also a wonderfully supportive academic and social community of students online. We realise a lot of students can't meet face-to-face so we aim to provide a space for you to meet and chat online. 

From quizzes to book clubs to online meet-ups, there are plenty of ways to meet other OU students online. For a full list of online events, please check out our events page

If you are interested in becoming an Association online host, please keep an eye out on the Volunteer Zone (to be published in 2022) for the next round of recruitment or email us at

From forums to social media to online chats, there's something for you to connect with. You can check out how to get involved below. Don't forget you can also get involved with our clubs, societies and groups that also have a large online presence. 

Forums and social media pages 

Here's a list of resources including forums, Facebook and Twitter pages so you can connect to OU students in your area:

OU Students Community forum

East Midlands 

East Midlands forum  

East Midlands Facebook 

East Midlands Twitter 

East of England 

East of England forum 

East of England Facebook 


International forum

International meet-ups forum 

Southern Europe Facebook 


London forum  

London Facebook 

London Twitter 

North of England 

North of England forum  

North of England Facebook 

North of England Twitter 

North West of England 

North West forum  

North West Facebook 

North West Twitter 

Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland forum  

Northern Ireland Facebook 

Republic of Ireland 

Republic of Ireland forum  

Republic of Ireland Facebook 


Scotland forum  

Scotland Facebook 

South of England 

South of England forum  

South of England Facebook 

South East of England 

South East forum  

South East Facebook 

South East Twitter 

South West of England 

South West forum  

South West Facebook 


Wales forum  

Wales Facebook 

West Midlands 

West Midlands forum  

West Midlands Facebook 

West Midlands Twitter 


Yorkshire forum  

Yorkshire Facebook 

Is there another way we can help you to communicate with other students and to us? Let us know at and we'll be happy to look into it.