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The Disabled Students Group is run by, and consists of, a group of students from all faculties: some undergraduate, some post-graduate. We are all students either with disabilities or with other long-term physical or mental health problems, which can and do cause problems in respect of our ability to study to our full potential.

In line with other OU Students Association units, the Group receives a budget and other support, allowing it to articulate the needs of students with health problems and disabilities.

The Disabled Students Group (DSG) welcomes membership applications from any student who considers that their health problem or disability affects their student life, whether or not they have disclosed it to the University. By becoming a member you will have access to our members-only forum, be eligible to vote and stand in elections for committee positions, and, most importantly, you will be part of a community of students who support each other. Whether or not you choose to tell others you're a member is up to you. The DSG does not disclose your information to anyone else.