Action on the environment and sustainability!

Take a look at the first ever Association Action Plan on Environment and Sustainability.

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The words 'Environment & Sustainability' written above a picture of a riverbank.

We’re proud to share our first ever Association Action Plan on Environment and Sustainability. This action plan has been written by the Association’s Environmental and Sustainability Working Group. This group is made up of Student Leadership Team members, student volunteers and Association staff who meet monthly to discuss all things sustainability.

You’ll see that the Action Plan is spilt into four strands:

  1. Impact – reduce and mitigate the impact the Students Association has on environmental sustainability through its working practices.
  2. Engagement – encourage students to engage in, think about and contribute to our goals for this group and environmental sustainability more broadly.
  3. Policy – create a Students Association Policy on Environmental Sustainability.
  4. The University – establish the Association's position on the OU's actions relating to environmental sustainability.

The group have already begun work on the priority actions for each of those strands, and we will keep you updated.

Lou Robinson, your Vice President Engagement and co-chair of the group, said: “It’s been amazing to work with students at every stage of our initial Action Plan, from the in-depth feedback at our Student Voice Week session to the valuable input of our dedicated volunteers. We are looking forward to further collaboration as we move ahead into our short-term goals.”

If you’re keen to be involved in Sustainability at the OU, we’d recommend first that you join the OU Environmental Sustainability Society. Their Chair is a representative on the Association’s Working Group, and there are loads of great activities to get involved in.

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