Freshers 2022 is here!

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Are you ready... Freshers 2922 25 January - 6 February

Join us for a fortnight of online events and competitions for Freshers Fortnight 2022, from Tuesday 25 January – Sunday 6 February 2022! Check out our programme of events for Freshers Fortnight to get some dates in your diary.

Freshers is an exciting time as we say hello to new students and welcome back returning OU students. 

We realise that starting or returning to your studies can be both daunting and exciting at the same time, and Freshers is a great chance to pick up some study tips, find out how your Students Association can support you through your academic journey and, of course, meet other OU students!  

Why get involved? Freshers can help you to feel part of the student community and meet fellow students. A past Freshers attendee said: 

“Being an OU student can, at times, feel like a lonely experience. Freshers reminds us that we are far from alone. There’s an entire student community out there!”

So do join us!

Find out what’s happening for Freshers below, including the programme of events, digital freebies for you to download and more!

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