Laura Marulanda-Carter

My role:

Vice President Education – representing student issues on learning, teaching, assessment and feedback.

My priorities for this term:

Continuing the great work of Individual Representation – exploring new opportunities to keep students informed, engaged and involved.

What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I've been fortunate enough to squeeze in my first post-lockdown holiday this summer, an awesome road-trip to USA. I absolutely loved it – I'm now recovering from the sun and making plans for redecorating the house!

What I’m studying:

MBA in Technology Management.

What I do when I’m not studying:

I currently work at Escape Studios – an award-winning academy specialising in short courses and postgraduate degrees for creative industries. My background and role is building new digital/data programmes to meet future skills-gap needs of employers.

My top study tips:

Speak to others – the whole OU studying process can be lonely if you let it, so engage in forums and social media. Everyone is so welcoming, and if you are struggling, there is always somebody else out there with an answer! In addition, schedule time before those TMA/EMA deadlines – time is precious, so planning is key. Make sure your diary is free from other commitments (if possible) around that time, as you will value that extra hour to proofread!

Where to find me:

LinkedIn: Laura Marulanda-Carter


Twitter: @OpenEdu_

My manifesto