Cinnomen McGuigan


Vice President Education

What this role involves:

Vice President Education has the responsibility for keeping the University’s educational programmes and related matters under continuous review, and for overseeing Academic Representation.

What you've studied and are studying at the OU:

I have just completed my 3rd OU degree with a Masters in Creative Writing and am looking at maybe starting a FBL module as it's the one faculty I haven't studied in yet.

Why you decided to volunteer (and any previous volunteering experience with the Association):

I have been involved with volunteering at the Association since I helped to set up a society back in 2015. Then I went on to the Assembly Executive in Northern Ireland and have done various roles since then, as a Central Committee Rep, a Student Trustee, as Societies Chair, and as a CEC member.

Summary of what you want to do in your role during the August 2020 – July 2022 term:

Here are the manifesto pledges I stood under at the election. I stand by them still.

VP Education is expected to become the lead student contact for matters relating to Education Policy. I commit to becoming the lead student representative on academic matters, keeping the university’s educational programmes under continuous review and ensuring student input at every level. I will actively engage with any and all committees expected of me to ensure I can fulfil these obligations.

VP Education has responsibility for ensuring effective student representation with the OU. I commit to taking the lead in the recruitment of our academic reps, focusing on ensuring appropriate training, development and support so that they know how much we value their input.

We need a strong representative voice throughout the university and the Students Association and I feel that by me proactively advocating for student representation at all levels we can achieve that. Representative also means that we need to pull students from the demographics we don't currently get many applicants from. And I commit to make engaging with us as straightforward as I can to enable those who currently can't get involved to do so.

I also pledge to actively engage with both the University and the Students Association to try to attain individual representation. I know the 2018-2020 CEC has been looking into it, and I commit to continuing those conversations to try to achieve those aims. 

Any other interests you'd like to share:

I am currently writing a book that came out of the work I did on the MA. I read a lot, bake a lot and love to spend any spare moments with my family.

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Email: Cinnomen.McGuigan[at]