Distance learning can be challenging for some students. Some of these challenges might include feeling isolated, struggling with motivation and lacking confidence with approaching studies. Our Peer Supporters are trained to help you achieve a better study experience. They offer confidential*, non-judgemental study support to enable you to be the best you can be whilst studying with the OU. 

We all need support in different ways, but our Peer Supporters are here for you if you need them. Peer Supporters are OU students who operate under a pseudonym to help maintain confidentiality and anonymity when communicating with students. They know the anxiety of waiting for module results, they’ve been there and got the t-shirt! 

Contact Peer Support 

Get in touch with us using whichever platform you feel most comfortable with: 

Forum       Email       Facebook page  


What is a Peer Supporter? 

  • A student who is empathic, non-judgemental, patient, resilient and good at communicating. 

  • Someone who will help OU students to build their confidence and autonomy to support them with their studies. 

  • A listening ear when a fellow student is struggling with motivation in their studies. 

  • Part of a team of students who work together to deliver the Peer Support service. 

  • A sign-poster, for example when a student needs academic advice on their studies, the Peer Supporter will point them in the right direction within the Open University. 

What a Peer Supporter isn’t 

  • They aren’t a counsellor and do not support the student with any serious ill-mental health condition they may have. 

  • They don’t give advice. 

  • They don’t have any personal relationships with students who use the service. 

  • They don’t provide any academic support, but will provide study skills support. 

*Your interactions with the Peer Support service are kept confidential and within the Peer Support team. Email conversations are kept on record for up to two years in case of a complaint. The service you will receive is confidential with the exception of the following circumstances: 

  • You inform us that you, a child or a vulnerable adult is in immediate danger. 

  • There is a Safeguarding risk that we must report by law. 

  • You inform us that you have plagiarised or cheated in your OU studies; or 

  • You inform us that you have committed a crime. 

In these circumstances your personal information will be passed on to another department within the Open University or to the relevant emergency services.