There may be occasions when the support you need is specific to your studies. In the event that you require this information and guidance, you can contact your Student Support Team (SST) for personalised advice.


What is a Student Support Team? 

SST are made up of experienced academics, educational advisors and other staff with subject-specific expertise. You can contact them with queries but they will also send you emails or sometimes call you with hints and tips for study or to remind you to take action on administration and support matters. Your SST are specialists in your subject area and are your first point of contact if you have queries about:

  • difficulties with study, for example - extra help with revising for exams 

  • what to study next

  • making changes to the modules or qualifications you’re studying or planning to study  

  • additional support and adaptations when studying with a disability or temporary health problem  

  • options available if caring responsibilities are affecting your study 

  • your tutorials – timetables, arrangements venues etc. 


Changing your Student Support Team 

SST is automatically allocated depending on which qualification and/or modules you are studying. You may have more than one SST if the subject of your qualification differs significantly from that of your current module or if you are studying multiple modules in different subject areas which are not linked to a specific qualification. 
If you’re studying on the Open programme you’ll be allocated to a qualification SST based on the subject of the first module you enrol on. If you go on to study modules in a different subject area then you will also have one or more SST responsible for your current module(s). If you think that your SST allocation is wrong, or your main subject focus has changed since choosing your first module, you should contact the SST to which you have been allocated to discuss a change.

Student Support Team 


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