As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, throughout August we are looking back at the Association's history and the wonderful archival material we have from our first 50 years. 

Pam McNay was President of the Students Association from 1981-1983 and became the first student to speak directly to the Open University's governing body. Read more on her groundbreaking address here:

First address to council


The OU Students Association came into being following much campaigning and hard work by OU students for an independent body to represent them, so it was only natural that campaigning became a cornerstone of Association life following our foundation. Take a look at some of the archival materials we found from this time.
As you might imagine, since 1972, we have built up quite a bit of archive material, so this podcast looks at the Association’s archive project. This project has enabled us to catalogue and order our wonderful content to make it a true celebration of our first 50 years!
In this article, we revisit archival material from May 1982, when Prince Charles opened the Perry building on the OU campus. Pam McNay, Students Association President from 1981-83, was invited to the degree ceremony and luncheon. Pam has kindly shared some exciting material given to attendees on the day. Read more in this article.
We have had some inspirational Presidents over the past 50 years. You can see the timeline of their time in office below.