As part of our #LoveOUstudents campaign in February, Vice Chancellor Tim Blackman wrote the Association a special letter.

Dear OU Students Association,

Happy 50th Birthday!

From Millie Marsland to Sarah Jones, the relationship between the Association and the OU, and between the President and Vice-Chancellor, has certainly withstood the test of time. Like any healthy relationship, we respect each other and care about each other. The interests and successes of our students are the common purpose that bind us together. The Association welcomes us into the lived experience of our students, shares their joys and pains with us, and helps the University be better at what we do. 

The Association is a source of support for our students, alongside them through the ups and downs on their OU journey, and a much-loved part of the OU experience. The OU family would be incomplete without the Students Association and everyone who has volunteered over the last 50 years to make it what it is today. Your dedication and commitment have made a great difference to so many students and staff at the OU. 

I hope the history we share and celebrate this year continues to shape the future of both organisations and, most importantly, the success of our students. 

All my best,

Prof Tim Blackman


We also spoke to two of our Law students, Abbie and Dan, who began studying with the OU four years ago, and ended up finding love! (Ahhhhhhh!)  

Finding love at the OU

In addition, we heard from Mandy Turner, one of our fabulous Operations Assistants, who told us about her 36-year love affair with the Association (and how she met her husband here).

A journey and a love story

And in keeping with the theme of 'Association love', Laura Hart (an OU student currently studying for her second degree) provided some insights into what she's learned as an OU student, including why it's always ok to ask for help (a bit of self-love, you could call it).

OU study – the second time around