We are focusing on our Central Executive Committee (CEC) during July, marking some of the CEC's notable achievements over the last 50 years.

It's also a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the 2020–2022 CEC as their term in office comes to an end, as well as welcoming our new CEC members as they get ready to begin their roles.

We have asked some of our current CEC to sum up their greatest achievements over the last two years, which you can see below.

Allan Musinguzi, the Association's Head of Student Volunteering and Representation, has also paid tribute to Cinnomen McGuigan as she prepares to hand over her role as Vice President Education.

A personal thank you to Cin

Area Association Rep for Continental Europe, Kate Wells, and Area Association Rep for Wales, Hanna Silk, reflect on the many great achievements of the 2020-2022 Central Executive Committee.

CEC achievements 2020-2022

It’s been 50 years since the coming together of our first Student Leadership Team, known as the Central Executive Committee (or the CEC, for short), so July's episode of The Association Conversation Station podcast looks at the work of the CEC, why it’s so important, and the difference it makes to our students.

The Association Conversation Station – Episode 4