We know it sounds a bit greedy, but we actually have two birthdays! The approval was given for the formation of a Students Association on 16 May 1972, so we celebrated our 50th birthday in May.

It's our birthday!

(We will also be celebrating our birthday in December – it was on 16 December 1972 when our Central Executive Committee first met together.)

We're taking a look back at significant events across the first five decades of our history, starting with the 1970s. We thought there was no better way to begin this series than by sharing this rousing letter to all OU students from our very first President, Millie Marsland.

Looking back ... a letter from our first President, Millie Marsland

One of the things we are most proud of during our first 50 years is organising overseas study tours for our disabled students. Discover how this all began back in 1975.

Looking back ... study tours for disabled students

We are very interested to learn more about the Association in the 1980s as part of our celebration of 50 years. Marion Horton, a former VP Campaigns at the OU Students Association, shares some of her memories of her time on the Central Executive Committee back in 1985.

The Association through the decades: CEC campaigns in the 1980s

The May episode of the Association's new podcast, The Association Conversation Station, focused on our 50th birthday. Our President Sarah Jones caught up with Chris Roworth (our former President), Sir John Daniel (former Vice-Chancellor of The Open University) and Rob Avann (the Association Chief Executive Officer) to celebrate the achievements of the last half-century, share some funny stories, and look ahead to the future. Have a listen below.

The Association Conversation Station – Episode 2