OU Student Voice Week

Student Voice Week is open to all students, it offers the opportunity to attend sessions to help shape the decisions and direction at The Open University and Students Association. With a wide range of topics, there is something for everyone, so new or returning student, experienced student rep or totally new to student voice, it’s chance to make a difference to your study journey. 

Activities range from coffee mornings to Q&As, consultations, demos, workshops and quiz nights, so there is something for everyone to give them an opportunity to be involved. We also ensure that there are a variety of morning, daytime and evening sessions, both during the week and at the weekends, so everyone’s availability is catered for.  

Sessions are delivered by OU and Students Association staff, as well as by student reps. A lot of sessions include opportunities to find out something new, to ask questions and provide feedback on initiatives.

Some sessions will be for any student to attend, some may be specific to your region, subject area or protected characteristics. The latter is particularly important, to ensure a wide range of voices can be captured throughout the week.

From small changes to strategic decision influencing, there is a way for everyone to be involved. Student Voice Week is a one-stop shop for anyone interested in finding out more about exciting changes and initiatives and provides an easy way for any student to make a difference to the study experience of themselves and their peers. 

The next Student Voice Week is due to take place in November 2022.