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Freshers Fortnight will be coming in September-October 2023... get ready for two weeks of online and face-to-face events and meet-ups for new and returning OU students! You can also take part in competitions and prize draws to win some goodies. For information on how to join events and any other queries, take a look at our FAQs.

Check back here in September to find out about Freshers events, competitions and more! In the meantime, you can check out the OU Students Association's website for year-round events and ways to get involved with your student community.


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Mental Wellbeing Online Meet-Up
4th June 7pm - 8pm
Grandparents Club Afternoon Drop-In
7th June 12:30pm - 2pm
Mental Wellbeing Online Meet-Up
11th June 7pm - 8pm
Mental Wellbeing Online Meet-Up
18th June 7pm - 8pm

Meet your Representatives


Image of Margaret Greenaway. Text reads Margaret Greenaway President


Image of Gareth Jones. Text reads: Gareth Jones, Deputy President


Michael Bryan
Image of Lou Robinson. Text reads: Lou Robinson, VP Engagement
Image of Laura Marulanda-Carter. Text reads: Laura Marulanda-Carter VP Education
Image of Cazzandra Flowers. Text Reads: Cazzandra Flowers VP Community





Find out what's on during Freshers Fortnight - coming September 2023!



Stay organised this term, download our new digital freebies! To download, simply click on any of the images below and print at home or use digitally.

Image reads: Weekly planner. There is space on this planner to write your weekly tasks, due date and status.  Image reads: Study session. This planner has a space to write your planned and actual study hours, study notes, courses to study, task list and key concepts.  Image reads: Lecture notes. There is space on this page to write your Topic, Notes and lecture summary.  Image reads: Assignment Tracker. There is space on this document to write your assignment, due date and status as well as important notes.