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Image of Margaret Greenaway. Text reads Margaret Greenaway President


Image of Gareth Jones. Text reads: Gareth Jones, Deputy President


Michael Bryan
Image of Lou Robinson. Text reads: Lou Robinson, VP Engagement
Image of Laura Marulanda-Carter. Text reads: Laura Marulanda-Carter VP Education
Image of Cazzandra Flowers. Text Reads: Cazzandra Flowers VP Community





Full programme coming soon, in the meantime check out the events so far!

Digital Freebies


Stay organised this term, download our new digital freebies! To download, simply click on any of the images below and print at home or use digitally.

Image reads: Weekly planner. There is space on this planner to write your weekly tasks, due date and status.  Image reads: Study session. This planner has a space to write your planned and actual study hours, study notes, courses to study, task list and key concepts.  Image reads: Lecture notes. There is space on this page to write your Topic, Notes and lecture summary.  Image reads: Assignment Tracker. There is space on this document to write your assignment, due date and status as well as important notes.


The beginning of a new module often provides you with an opportunity to focus on your personal and professional development to support your studies,
work and life. Discover how you can use self-coaching to identify and work towards your goals in this article by the Personal Learning Advice Service.