Got any questions for us? Read our helpful Frequently Asked Questions below.

Whether it's about sessions or technical issues we'll try to help as much as possible.

Alternatively, if you can't find an answer to your question below, you can email us at and the team will be happy to answer any queries you have.


How do I attend sessions?

You will not need to sign up in advance for sessions. Click on the session you would like to attend on the programme, then click the button below the session description and you will be taken to a forum where the direct link for the session will be posted. You will need to login with your OU login details to get into the forum. Please note the links to attend the sessions will be added just before Freshers begins.

You may need to install the relevant programme (e.g. Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams) to be able to attend the session – we've included some support pages below if you have any issues with accessing the sessions. We recommend downloading the Microsoft Teams app to attend sessions in order to ensure you have access to all features.

Please note: you do not need an OU login for Microsoft Teams, as you do for Adobe Connect. You can attend Microsoft Teams sessions on a browser or the app without an account – just join as a guest.


What will be involved in attending sessions?

Each session is unique, and you will find a brief description of each session on the programme. Some sessions will be more informal social events, and other sessions will include presentations to share relevant information.

You can attend as few or as many sessions you like, and you can drop-in and out from sessions – do not worry if you arrive late or need to leave early. You can choose how you’d like to take part, you do not need to have your camera/microphone on if you do not want to.


I’m a continuing student, can I join in with Freshers?

Of course! Our Freshers Fortnight is for both new and continuing students. We hope our Freshers sessions will be beneficial to all students.


What if I have accessibility requirements? Will the sessions be accessible to me?

Everyone is welcome at Freshers, and we want to make sure Freshers is as accessible as possible. If you have any concerns about accessing any sessions or your accessibility requirements, please let the Community Team know at oustudents-community[at] You can also find out more about accessibility when using Microsoft Teams and Adobe Connect.


Are the sessions being recorded?

Most sessions are not being recorded, unless otherwise stated in the event description. Where available, we will upload the slides on the event pages after the sessions.


How can I stay involved after the Freshers Fortnight is over?

There are many ways to stay involved with the OU Students Association after Freshers. You could take a look at our Societies and Clubs, attend an online meet-up or online event, or even get involved by volunteering.

To stay in the loop with what’s going on at your Association, you can sign up to our monthly Association newsletter, and check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I’m having issues with Microsoft Teams/Adobe Connect, what can I do?

Take a look at the guidance here for Microsoft Teams and Adobe Connect. If you are not able to solve the issue, email us at, and we can help.


What do I do if I see any behaviour I’m concerned about?

Email us at to report an incident (please note this mailbox is monitored from 8am – 4.30pm, Monday – Friday). If you are concerned or upset by something that happens during Freshers, please let us know. 

Our online events are intended to be welcoming and friendly spaces. Attendees who are not willing to respect the spirit of our events will be asked to leave or removed by our hosts. Attendees are asked to read our Values and Behaviour policy before joining Freshers sessions and keep this in mind when taking part.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can email us.