The Open University Students Educational Trust (OUSET) is the student charity where funds raised by students are used to benefit students in financial hardship. It is a separate registered charity operated by the OU Students Association.


After many years of campaigning, some of the worst forms of discrimination against part time students have at last begun to be addressed. However, despite all these advances, there are still those students in financial need who fall through the net and the Trust has a small fund for which these students can apply. You can download a comprehensive guide to the Open University Students Educational Trust or follow the links below for more information.


Application Information

The service is operational.
Please note we are only able to process electronic applications at this time.


Essential documents
Guidelines on How to Apply to OUSET Download
Step-by-Step Guide to OUSET Applications Download
OUSET Funding Criteria - Undergraduate Level View
OUSET Funding Criteria - Postgraduate Level View
OUSET Application Form - General Download
OUSET Application Form - Students in secure environments Download



New timeframes for making funding applications to the Open University Students Educational Trust

In the past, the Trust has accepted funding applications at any time throughout the year. However, due to the increasing volume of applications over recent years, the Trust has decided to specify a timeframe for accepting applications.

Applications (for funding required in advance of a module start date) that are received after the stated deadline will not be considered before the module start date.


Application deadlines
Module start Application window opens Application window closes
April 2023 Monday, 2 January 2023 Friday, 10 February 2023*
May 2023 Monday, 6 February 2023 Friday, 3 March 2023*
October 2023 Monday, 3 April 2023 Friday, 11 August 2023*
November 2023 Monday, 12 June 2023 Friday, 8 September 2023*

* If you choose to post your application, or other supporting evidence to OUSET, please allow plenty of time for your application to reach us before the application submission deadline. If your application is late, OUSET will not be able to process it in time to meet the final enrolment date (FED).


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Other sources of financial support

There is a range of financial support available through the OU to help you pay for fees and study costs. The type and level of financial support you are entitled to varies, and depends not only on where you live but on your income, previous qualifications, level of intended study and when you intend to start studying.

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