Run by annually-elected Open University students, and supported by the OU Students Association, these groups are here to offer support and advice, as well as campaign to the OU on topics which are important to you. It's a great way to connect with fellow students too.

Important update!

We are conducting a Student Support Groups review and we need your help, whether you are alredy a member of any of the Groups or are thinking of joining!

We will:

  • review the definition of Student Support Groups to ensure they are relevant and effective,

  • explore if existing provisions are adequate, identify more or different types of support to meet current needs (in terms of what Groups offer to their members and what the Association offers to Groups),

  • ensure accessibility standards are being met in all aspects of the Groups’ activities.

There will be various ways for you to get involved and collaborate with us on this project:

  1. We will be sharing a survey to complete.

  2. We will invite you to attend one of the focus group sessions to discuss topics with others in more depth and to share your thoughts.

Join the Groups via this website, look out for messages on their Forum spaces and social media groups (if you are on social media). We will be sharing more details soon! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via