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Student Representatives 

Student Representatives play an important part in Open University Governance structure and decision making. Student Representatives make positive contributions at committees to enhance the OU's teaching and learning experience for all current and future students. 

Student Representatives are in a unique position to be able to influence the future direction and quality of their module/qualification/pathway and how the University delivers the higher education experience to its students. 

Student Representatives are appointed to a Board of Studies or Academic Commitees (Learning and Teaching) within their area of study. 

Student Representatives receive dedicated support from the Volunteer and Representation Team and the wider Association so that they may carry out their role confidently. We offer training and development opportunities to all.

As full members of OU Committees students have the opportunity to develop key transferrable skills that can be used for future employment and beyond. 

Student Representative core activities include:

  • Reading papers in advance of each committee meeting
    • Papers are sent to students in advance of meetings. Student Representatives read the papers.
    • Student representatives can raise and highlight items as and where appropriate at the committee meetings, speaking on matters affecting students.
  • Attending committee meetings
    • Meetings are held online, in-person or a blend of hybrid depending on the committee.
    • Students are notified in advance of the meeting timetable
  • Providing feedback and writing reports
    • Student Representatives should complete a report after they attend a committee meeting so that feedback, positive change and the impact of the collect Student Voice is available to all. 

Why is it important to get involved with Student Voice?

When you become a Student Represetative you are joining a community that are dedicated to making positive change now and in the future. With over 40 individual commitees and over 100 student representative roles, we will continue to enhance the student academic experience for many years to come. 

The image below describes the governance structure and demonstrates the direction of the student voice from Boards of Studies, right though to Senate, the Open Universities most senior decision making committee.

Committee chart

Committee descriptions


How do you become a Student Representative?

We invite all students to get involved by applying to be a Student Representative, subject to meeting the eligibility requirements for the role. Student Representatives are appointed by the Appointments Committee.

The duration of the role will usually be a minimum of 12 months and upto 24 months.

There is a full induction and onboarding programme for all students and you will be supported throughout your time with us. 


Am I eligible to apply to be a Student Representative?

  • Be a member of the Students Association to apply. All registered OU students are automatically members according to our Articles of Association. 

  • Be studying a qualification relevant to the committee you are applying for. If you are not sure and would like to talk to us, please get in touch


If you are interested in becoming a Student Representative and would like more information, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to hear from you