Under this strategy we are aiming to: 

  • Provide more extensive support services to greater numbers of students.
  • Build larger social and academic student communities.
  • Provide greater opportunities for student participation.
  • Give students a stronger and more influential voice.

Through the delivery of this strategy, we will be supporting improved student well-being, contributing to an enhanced student experience and helping to enable higher levels of student success.   

Our mission is to make a positive difference for all OU students, and our new strategy will see us focussing on three key areas to deliver this mission: 

  • To raise awareness of the Association and improve our relevance to students through the inform and support strategy strand.
  • To increase student engagement and participation in Association activities, events and democratic processes through the engage and involve strategy strand.
  • To empower students to have a greater influence in decision-making and to increase our impact through the influence and transform strategy strand.    

Our highest priority is always to ensure that what we do, and how we do it, is guided by the needs, hopes and aspirations of our student members.

As a starting point for the development of our new strategy we sought feedback and input from our student leadership team, our trustees, our appointed student representatives and the wider student body through a series of consultations, questionnaires, workshops and social media polls.   

The student leadership team used this feedback and input to create our strategic vision and to identify the key areas we need to focus on over the next few years to ensure that the Association continues to reflect the specific needs of OU students, both now and into the future.