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The vision focuses on how we hope the Students Association can make a positive impact on Open University students long into the future. They provide a proactive student-led framework and serve as guiding principles and sources of motivation for the organisation and its members.

Your Students Association will:

  • Empower a student voice that is strong and effective in representing the diversity of our members

  • Work collaboratively with the University to ensure that students are at the centre of decision-making

  • Build an inclusive community which nurtures a sense of pride and belonging

  • Provide relevant, quality services which enhance the student experience


Our values are important because they underpin our commitments and decision-making. They are crucial in creating a positive space to engage with our members to ensure that, together, we’re achieving our charitable objectives. They represent what we value and who we are.

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We ensure every student feels welcome and supported whilst celebrating diversity, embracing all backgrounds, and fostering a sense of belonging.


We are accountable to our members and actively work toward their best interests.


Empowering people to be creative and ambitious in their actions, whilst striving to improve the experience of all our members.


We are dynamic in meeting the needs of our diverse members and reactive to changes that affect their experience.


Ensuring we are responsible in our activities, safeguarding the future of the Association and promoting a positive environmental impact.

Create a welcoming environment and champion accessibility for all

  • Create flexible and relevant engagement opportunities that cater for all students.
  • Provide safe online spaces for groups of students to interact.
  • Prioritise equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility at all levels of decision-making.

Increase engagement through evidence-based decision making

  • Improving the relevance of our activities & services.
  • Increase the reach of our activities & services.
  • Enable students to guide our decision-making through effective listening and consultation.

Enable students to lead, represent and advocate

  • Create mechanisms and processes that facilitates effective student leadership.
  • Increase awareness of the impact of student leadership.
  • Empower students to Influence decisions that impact their student journey.

Embrace change to ensure we are future facing and sustainable

  • Modernise our identity and offering to OU students based on their need.
  • Embed environmental sustainability across Association work.
  • Develop digital infrastructure to provide an inclusive remote student union experience.