Welcome to the OU Students Association Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Group!


We are an open-minded Group set up to create a supportive student community which provides helpful resources and advocacy to OU Students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background and their allies. 

The Group provides collective spaces for fellow students to connect, including a Facebook page and a specifically dedicated Forum space. As an OU Student you are welcome to join or subscribe to these spaces. To become a formal member of the Group and to benefit from its mailing list, you will need to register through our website; however, as we have been migrating to a new website, joining this Group via the website has been temporarily suspended.

Since the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Group's launch in 2020, and the election of its formal Committee in 2021, we saw scope for improvement to our website and how we operate as a Group, to ensure we provide the best access to news, events and activities for Group members and students from this cohort. 

In (late) 2021, we decided Co-option to the Committee would be better suited to bring more students on board and to support the group's changes. In January 2022, formal appointments were made. We wish them the best over the coming year!


Meet your Chair


I am euphoric about the opportunity to be commencing the role of Chair, a role I had envisioned for others. I am normally in a place of encouragement for others to be the change and make the difference, especially to improve representation of women. I realised through introspection, belief and passion that change begins with me. I also realised through a passion of mine: my work as a mentor, that experience (of long or short tenure) shared with a mentee is sometimes the source of the fundamentals for guidance and knowledge. Stepping forward presents the opportunity to be working with fellow students for what matters to students from Black, Asian, Indigenous and Ethnically diverse backgrounds. 

I look forward to providing direction, working strategically with Committee Members under a collective mindset with empathetic sensibility of the possibilities we can achieve together for better outcomes and a better sense of belonging for all students from Black, Asian, Indigenous and Ethnically diverse backgrounds

Working with you and for you,

Tracey Inverary

Committee Chair 


Meet the Committee


There will be an opportunity to hear from the rest of the Committee members in due course, stay tuned! 

Here is a synopsis of members and summary of roles:

Chair  - Tracey Inverary
Leads the Group and the Committee, acting as a point of contact between the OU, OU Students Association and students on matters relating to Group members.

Secretary Shanice Henry
Responsible for Committee admin, moderating social platforms and deputising for the Chair. 

Events and Communication Officer - Narraser Gordon
Contributes content across social platforms, encourages engagement. 

Change and Awareness Officers

Community Cohesion - Eesha Waseem

Culture and Campaigns - Zara Khan
Liaises with officers and student groups to encourage collaborative activity. Promotes the Committee’s agenda - students’ improved sense of community. 

International Officer  - Sristi Sengupta
Promotes understanding of international student cohort’s needs.

Wellbeing and Support Officer - Hope-Autumn River
Liaises with officers and ensures online support availability, works with PLAs (Personal Learning Advisors) to provide adequate student support. 

General Committee Member - Rukhsaar Bibi
Ensures an active online presence, advocates for the work of the committee and inclusiveness for students.

Ex-officio Committee member and Vice-President EDI - Oakley Monk-Owen

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