As a student at the Open University, we hope that your journey through university is smooth. However, things don’t always go to plan, and you may need some help if you’re investigated for a disciplinary offence. You can find more details about disciplinary offences inthe Code of Practice for Student Discipline.


What could I receive a penalty for?

There’sa few disciplinary offences that the University will impose a penalty for (under the Code of Practice for Student Discipline). Types of offences include conduct that interferes or disrupts the teaching, learning, research and administration at the University. This could be on the University premises but also includes virtual environments, such as forums, social networks and electronic correspondence.



If the offence you’ve committed is not sufficiently serious enough, you may receive an informal caution. It’s not a penalty under the Code of Practice but a record of correspondence in relation to this informal caution will be kept on your record. A formal caution is a penalty under this Code of Practice. You’ll be notified of your caution (which can only be issued by disciplinary authorities)and it will be permanently recorded on your record.