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The Appointments Committee is a small group of student representatives from a range of working and family backgrounds, from all faculties, nations and are all at different stages of their OU studies. The Students Association Board of Trustees appoint the members of this committee.

What does the Appointments Committee do?

  • They review applications for from students that want to be a volunteer Student Representative.
  • The aim of the committee is to identify from the applications, students that meet the eligbility criteria.
  • They work together to ensure that students who are interested in joining community are, welcomed, supported and developed throughout their term.

The Students that are chosen by the Appointments Committee are empowered to play a full part in the Academic Representation process. They are included in meetings, produce reports and provide essential feedback in the areas the studen voice is needed the most.

Student Representatives enjoy this role because they come together as a community teams are coming  to make postive changes - making the role a really worthwhile and valuable one.


What are the Appointments Committee looking for when you apply?

Tell us:

  • What interests you about the role; We really want to know what you would like to get out of the role and what has encouraged you to apply.
  • Share information about your skills, we want to know about transferable skills as it helps us to get to know you better.
  • How do you feel about sharing your thoughts with others, is this something you need some support with? We want to know how we can help you develop too.