Welcome to OU Pride!

OU Pride is the Students Association support group and safe space for all LGBTQI+ OU students and their OU Student allies. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness of issues affecting our members and create social opportunities for LGBTQI+ students and their allies. We will help advocate and fight for those who do not have the capacity to do so for themselves.  

There are links at the bottom of this page to join in the conversation on social media and become a member of OU Pride.

Meet your newly elected Committee:

Chair - Lyndsay Thomson

Vice-Chair - Stephen Cummins

Secretary - Patrizia Pugliese

Events Officer - vacant 

Communications Officer - vacant


Be part of the Committee!


Are you looking for a unique way to challenge yourself and make the most of your university experience? Being part of the Committee of this Group may be the perfect opportunity for you! Not only will you get the chance to gain valuable transferable skills, but you'll also make friends and help promote equality, diversity and inclusion at the Association and at the OU.

We will be running co-option soon for the two currently vacant roles in this Committee: Communications Officer and Events Officer. (Read the role descriptions by clicking on the roles.)

Join the Group via this website to make sure you get notified when applications are open.

In the meantime, here are the questions that the Committee will be asking applicants to answer. (80-150 words per answer.)


  • Why would you like to volunteer for OU Pride?
  • What skills and/or experience could you bring to OU Pride?
  • What would you like to get out of joining the OU Pride Committee?
  • What does Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility mean to you?
  • Can you describe a time you had to work as a team, including any challenges or limitations you had to overcome?
  • In your opinion is representation of LGBTQIA+ characters important across mainstream media? Explain


Not sure what co-option is?


If any of the roles within the Committee was not filled during elections or becomes vacant throughout the term, the Committees can call for co-option and ask fellow Group members to apply for the available positions.

If you are interested in being part of the Committee via co-option, you will have to complete an application form. We will put a post on here, in the Facebook Group, Forums, and you will be notified via email as well when applications are open. We will ask you for some personal details and your answers to the above questions. We will have applications open for at least 2 weeks. Once applications are closed, the Association staff team makes sure to anonymise each application and asks the current Committee members to score the applicants. You will be notified by the result of your application by the staff team about a week after applications close and if you were successful your induction process will begin shortly after. Do not worry, however, if you are unsuccessful as there will be many other ways to get involved with the Group’s activities and also to volunteer for the Association in other roles



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