At full capacity, there are twelve Trustees of the Association, made up of six students, three members of the CEC and three external members - and they work to ensure the health of the Students Association finances, governance and strategy. 

The Association Trustees manage all the full legal and financial responsibilities for our organisation and ensure that the OU Students Association acts within its Constitution and Bye-Laws, meets the obligations of the Relationship Agreement and complies with the duties of the Education Act 1994 and charity law and other regulatory frameworks and responsibilities. They act as the employers of the staff, and are there to make sure that everything the Association does complies with its Constitution, the Charities Act, the Employment Act and all other legislative and regulatory requirements. 

As a charity, we also have a Board of Trustees which acts to safeguard the organisation. The Trustees make decisions on the finances, staffing and governance of the Open University Students Association and oversee the Chief Executive and staff team based at our Milton Keynes office. 


Meet the Board and Student Trustees... 

Margaret Greenaway – President

Gareth Jones – Deputy President

Michael Bryan – Vice President Administration

Charles Chao Rong Phua – Student Trustee

Johnathan Doran – Student Trustee

Anca Seaton – Student Trustee

Sarah Pickersgill – Student Trustee

Claire Wallace – Student Trustee

Fanni Nicoll – Student Trustee

Mark Price – External Chair