About Us

We are a brand-new society, launching ourselves officially during freshers, and we would love to recruit more members.

You can join our Facebook group, follow us on Facebook page and on Twitter and find us on Discord; plus we have a new website under construction. 

This Society is for students, former students, and staff of the Open University, and others who advocate our society's aims:

  • To raise awareness about environmental concerns and climate change issues.
  • To encourage an interest in green technologies and sustainable developments
  • To provide opportunities for its members to meet in local groups (face-to-face where possible) and/or through online communication tools for information sharing and social purposes.
  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge, tips, and ethical practices to create a better, more sustainable future.
  • To foster meaningful engagement within the Open University, the Students Association, and the OU students’ community as a whole for multidisciplinary discussion on sustainability.
  • To work with registered charities and national networks to tackle global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy, and action.
  • To share ideas, information, and opportunities that enable the Society to meet all the above aims