How do I make a complaint or appeal against the OU?

You can make a complaint by submitting an online form via the OU help centre.


Can I use the Individual Representation service?

Yes you can, if you have an existing and open complaint which is stage 2 appeal, stage 3 case review or central disciplinary case and need some advice.

If you’d like to request individual representation, please complete the query form below with details of your open and existing complaint. Once you’ve submitted your complaint, we’ll be in touch.


For general enquiries.

Email us


What are the different stages to a complaint or appeal?

To start with you should always speak informally to the University if you are unhappy with something. If this doesn't help, then you would need to make a formal complaint (Stage 1). 

Once you have received your Outcome Message and this hasn't resolved the issue you can then appeal the decision (Stage 2).

If after receiving your Decision Letter responding to your Stage 2 appeal, and you are still unhappy, you can then request a case review (Stage 3). 


Where can I find the complaints and appeals procedure?

You can find the complaints and appeals procedure on the OU Help Centre.


How are we independent?

The Association is an independent body of the OU, and whatever you share with us, remains confidential, and the advice offered from the service is independent of external parties.


How do I request a change of tutor?

If you are not happy with your tutor, then you may request a change via your Student Support Team. It is not normal practice for the university to accept a change of tutor, however in certain circumstances they will try to accomodate the request. Before speaking to your SST, plan what you want to say: what are the reasons for requesting a change; do you have any evidence to back up your request? You can find the SST contact details on the Student Home page. 


How can the Student Leadership Team help?

The Student Leadership Team is an elected body, who are there to represent students. They take part in committees and working groups to make sure that the student voice has an input into the decisions made at the OU. If you have a complaint or issue with the university, that you think might be affecting other students, you could get in contact with the relevant person on the Student Leadership Team. You can find out more about the Student Leadership Team here.


Do you offer career advice?

The Students Association doesn't offer career advice, however the OU has a career and employability help page here.


Do you offer study direction or module advice?

Your Student Support Team are based placed to help and advice you on direction of study and advice on modules. You can find their contact details on the Student Home page. 


How do I make a complaint about the Open University Students Association?

You can find more details of how make a complaint via our complaints procedure page.