White background with the text 'sleep more' 'zzzzz' 'Mindapples 50 ways to take care of your mind'  Sleep is vital for our mental and physical health, but stress and worries can make it hard to come by. Join Mindapples for this session to find out why we sleep, how to sleep better, and how to feel more awake.

 Mindapples are a charity who work in partnership with universities and schools, within healthcare settings and in the creative sector to deliver training to help people to learn how to look after their minds. Mindapples are passionate about making knowledge about mental health and wellbeing accessible to all. We would like you to join us in this free interactive session to discuss mental health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging environment.

 Please note this session will be recorded, for internal purposes only by Mindapples.

 Host: Andy Gibson

 Link to join coming soon.