Goodbye Central Executive Committee, hello Student Leadership Team


The Students Association’s team of elected student leadership team has agreed to change its name from the Central Executive Committee to the Student Leadership Team with immediate effect.

The name Central Executive Committee dates back to when there were regional assemblies that would send representatives to a central committee to make decisions. It was felt that not only was this no longer an appropriate name based on the 2014 Conference decision to change to one-member-one-vote, but also that the name Central Execute Committee didn’t make clear to OU students what the purpose of the team was.

Deputy President, Gareth Jones, said “Changing our name to the Student Leadership Team is a positive move in making what we do easily understandable and relevant to OU students.

“I hope that in the longer-term, it will lead to greater engagement with our elections, both in terms of votes and new people wanting to stand for elected positions.”

If you want to find out more about your Student Leadership Team, head to the Student Leadership area of our website.