Lifting the lid on Student Leadership Team quarterly meetings

A cartoon hand holding a phone that displays the Students Association logo

The Open University Students Association Student Leadership Team have committed to improving transparency in how they represent OU students by enabling students to follow the discussions at their quarterly meetings.

The meetings will be live-tweeted on Twitter, which means that students can have better insight into the work that the Student Leadership Team are carrying out on their behalf, and get involved by responding to tweets if they want to.

Student President, Margaret Greenaway, said “In the past the quarterly meetings have been a little bit shrouded in mystery, but we want to make sure students have the opportunity to know what we’re discussing on their behalf.

“We hope this will help students to better understand how what we do as a Student Leadership Team is relevant to their student journey.”

If you want to follow along at the next quarterly meeting on 11th February 2023, follow the Students Association on Twitter.