Mental Health Awareness Week 2024: 13–19 May

The logo for Monethal Health Awareness Week, with the tagline 'No mind left behind'.

Please join us for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, running from Monday, 13 May to Sunday, 19 May. The focus this year is ‘No Mind Left Behind’, as championed by the Mind charity. Here at the OU Students Association, we're committed to supporting your mental wellbeing throughout the week and beyond.

We'll be shining a light on the crucial services available to you as an OU student, providing access to informative resources, and sharing powerful stories that can inspire you.


To begin the week, we encourage you to participate in a social media challenge. Share a photo that captures something that brings you joy – a beautiful sunset, a heartwarming moment with loved ones, a delicious meal or your favourite hobby – anything that makes you smile! Upload your photo to your favourite social media platform and use the hashtag #NoMindLeftBehind.

Wednesday – Mental wellbeing support

To help support your mental wellbeing, TalkCampus, the OU Wellbeing app and Shout 85258 are available to all Open University students. You’ll find some information below, with links to the relevant webpages. 

TalkCampus: If you’re struggling with student life, you can get instant support for your mental health. The TalkCampus app offers a safe place to talk anonymously to students around the world about anything that is on your mind. 

OU Wellbeing app: The OU Wellbeing app makes looking after your wellbeing fun, interactive and stimulating by providing you with the tools to start building healthy, positive habits into your everyday life. 

Shout 85258 offers free, confidential and anonymous text message support 24/7 for when you’re feeling low, anxious, overwhelmed or just not quite yourself.

Friday – Strength through shared experiences

On Friday, we invite you to head over to The Hoot to read an inspiring and impactful story by Mark Walker. Through a powerful analogy, Mark shares his journey of navigating life's challenges. His story serves as a reminder that we're not alone in facing difficulties, and that support and understanding can empower us to navigate even the toughest times.