Pending results statement

Laura Marulanda-Carterresults
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The fact that many students are still waiting for their results, despite the 6-week guidelines for pending results passing, is both disappointing and frustrating. I sympathise with those still waiting, and want to assure you that myself, our Vice President Student Support Nic, and other members of the Student Leadership Team and Association Staff Team have been engaging with the OU to better understand the issue, whilst putting forward the concerns of the student body.

We recognise that pending results are often inevitable, helping to maintain the academic integrity of a qualification from the OU. Additionally, there are often occasions not foreseeable which arise which might delay the release of results. However, the large number of pending results this year are not a new issue. It is therefore disappointing that the OU was not sufficiently prepared in order to meet their own guideline of an up-to 6 weeks wait.

The consequences of this delay risks significant reputational harm for the OU. In the week when a large amount of module websites opens for most OU modules, many students awaiting their results will be reluctant to sign up for further studies with the OU. However, and most importantly, the impact this further delay could have on the wellbeing of students makes this a high priority issue.

We want to work with the OU to address this issue, with the OU needing to recognise this issue as a priority needing rectification and provide sufficient resource to reduce the waiting time for all students with pending results. We want to explore, with the OU, the communications issued to students with pending results, aiming to alleviate some of the concern and anxiety felt my students during this time.

Recognising the impact this has on students, I want to signpost you to some of the support services available to you via our website. Please click here to find out more.

Laura Marulanda-Carter
Vice President Education