Resignation of Stephanie Stubbins

Steph Stubbins with her dog.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie Stubbins for her eight years of volunteering for the Association. It’s difficult to quantify how many student journeys have been enhanced by all of Steph’s efforts, and we certainly won’t attempt to list everything she’s contributed towards, but suffice to say she’s been a non-stop source of infectious energy and inspiration throughout her years with us.

The roles she’s held have varied from being a member of the Student Leadership Team (then the Central Executive Committee) to being a Trustee in the Open University Students Educational Trust, a member of the Disabled Students Group Committee, Chair of the OU Environment and Sustainability Society, and a Central Committee Representative.

Beth Metcalf, Chief Executive:

"I cannot think of one volunteer who embodies the values of the Association more than Steph. She is enthusiastic, kind, collaborative and also relentless in her commitment to empowering others to share their stories and voices. Thank you, Steph, for everything. I have loved working with you and have always been inspired by your willingness to help out and support others, even when you have been fighting your own health battles."

Disabled Students Group:

“I know that you will all join me in thanking Steph for everything she has done for us in the Disabled Students Group committee. Her experience and drive have been invaluable, leaving her legacy intertwined in the various projects she has worked on, such as the Newsletter, Awareness Days, the co-option process and across our various platforms – Facebook and the Disabled Students Group Forums in particular.

“Steph has strived to represent the Disabled Students Group community, raise student voices and propel the Group into places and spaces to raise awareness of who we are and why we are all here volunteering for such an important cause.”

Jess Smith, Director of Membership Services:

“Steph has spearheaded our work in relation to Environment and Sustainability, being a founding member of the Association’s Environmental and Sustainability Working Group, and founder of the related student society. Her passion and commitment has shone through in her work in this area, and she has left a lasting legacy. She ensured she was representing the student voice, providing opportunities for students to get involved in something they cared deeply about, and calling for action from the Association and The Open University in this important area.”