Share your views on freedom of speech in higher education

We want your emails by Friday, 23 February!

The word 'Feedback' with speech bubbles, in rainbow colours.

Share your views! The Government’s Office for Students (OfS) are currently consulting with students and Students Unions/Associations on new legislation around Freedom of Speech in Higher Education.

The Association will be submitting a response to the consultations, but we also wanted to let you know that as individuals, students are also invited to share their feedback on the proposals.

The first consultation is about the free speech complaints scheme, which will be introduced from 1 August 2024 – the consultation for this closes on 10 March 2024. The second consultation is about the approach to regulating Students Unions/Associations on free speech matters. The deadline for this consultation is 17 March.

If you don’t want to submit your own response to the consultation, but you have thoughts or comments about it for the Association to consider within its organisational response, please email and include 'Freedom of Speech Consultation' in the subject line. Please send these emails by Friday, 23 February.