Student Leadership Team adopts four priorities

The Student Leadership Team have confirmed their priority areas for the 2022–24 term.

Colourful boxes containing the words "Representation", "Communities & Engagement", "Association

The Open University Students Association’s elected Student Leadership Team used their first official quarterly meeting on Saturday 29 October to agree what their team priorities will be for the 2022-24 term. 

The priority areas are: 

  • Representation – “Increase the influence of student views and experiences at all levels of the University and beyond.” 
  • Communities & Engagement – “Enhance the student experience by creating more spaces for students to engage with each other.” 
  • Association Awareness – “Increase the awareness of the Association, its services, and opportunities through timely and relevant communications.” 
  • EDI & Accessibility – Promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within the Students Association and alleviate barriers in accessing University services and support.” 

Students Association President, Margaret Greenaway, said “It’s really important as elected representatives that we are transparent with OU students about what we are working on and how we are trying to improve their student experience. We’re really excited to try to deliver a range of initiatives, advocacy, and projects across these priority areas during our elected term.”

The Student Leadership Team will now begin work across these priorities and will report back to students via their quarterly meetings and through the OU Students Association website.  

To find out more and stay up to date with the progress in these priority areas, visit the Student Leadership Team area of the Association website. 

Read Students Association President, Margaret Greenaway’s blog about the SLT’s priorities on The Hoot.