Gareth Jones

My role:

Deputy President – I am looking forward to supporting the President and the whole CEC as we look to improve the student experience when studying with the Students Association.

My priorities for this term:

Helping the new members of the Student Leadership team fulfil their ambitions by utilising my knowledge and experience. I will personally focus on empowering all our volunteers to ensure they are effective in influencing change at all levels of the OU for the benefit of students. Additionally, I am going to work on improving how we communicate the work of the Association, ensuring that students are both aware of what we do and how they can get involved with our different offerings.

What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I was previously the Faculty Association Representative for Business and Law, and I am currently completing a few projects. I have also been involved with the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, and look forward to providing student input as they transition into the new Commission for Tertiary Education and Research over the next year.

What I’m studying:

I have just completed my undergraduate Law degree, and am now moving into a more psychology-focused direction with the goal of combining the two with a Masters in Crime and Justice.

What I do when I’m not studying:

Outside of studying, I enjoy spending time with my wife, daughter and son. I also do some volunteering, particularly at my local primary school where I am a Governor and chair their finance, health and safety, premises and personnel committees. I also coach a junior rugby team.

My top study tips:

Remember, it is your own personal journey. It is not a competition and everyone studies at different paces and in different ways. So don’t compare yourself to others.

Where to find me:


Facebook: Gareth Jones: Deputy President - OU Students Association 22-24

Twitter: @OpenDepPres

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