Ian David Cheyne


Deputy President

What this role involves:

Supporting the President and standing in for the President in their absence. Being part of the Central Executive team. Overseeing the implementation of the Student Engagement Strategy. Representing the interests of Post Graduate students at the OU.

What you've studied and are studying at the OU:

Several Arts and Mathematics modules in the mid/late 1970s.

BA (Hons) Modern Language Studies (French, German, Spanish).  BA (Hons) Open (Music and Creative Writing).

Currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing.

Why you decided to volunteer (and any previous volunteering experience with the Association):

My involvement as a volunteer began In 2011. I was initially invited to attend an Association Regional Assembly meeting in Scotland. Subsequently, up to 2017 I was an elected member of this Assembly and served on several committees and working groups both nationally (within the UK) and locally in Scotland. 

In the past I have been at different times, a representative with Inland Revenue Staff Federation, a departmental rep for the local government officers association (NALGO), and an area representative for the government advisory service (ACAS). 

My concern is to ensure fair play for everyone was and is at the root of my involvement with the Association. 

Summary of what you want to do in your role during the August 2020 – July 2022 term:

I intend to ensure an effective implementation of the new Student Engagement Strategy through an increased interest/involvement on the part of a greater number of OU students. A successful outcome would be the establishment of a framework to support the creation of a true and sustainable OU student community at both local and national levels.

There is a great deal to learn and there will be much which is new. I always try to ensure that I have adequate accurate information before taking action. I expect to make mistakes but I have found that being prepared for this almost invariably leads to fewer mistakes being made.

Any other interests you'd like to share:

Photography, art/painting, music, books/writing and the theatre/drama have always been there. I enjoy hillwalking and have an interest in some sports - cricket, rugby, tennis, golf. In my spare time, I find that I have very little...spare time!

Email: Ian.cheyne(at)