Tommy Rowlands


My role:

I am the Arts and Social Sciences Representative.


My priorities for this term:

My priorities this term will be to help students get the support they need for mental, health and learning disabilities; diagnosed or undiagnosed.


What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I am currently studying at The Open University.


What I’m studying:

I am studying for a Degree in History.


What I do when I’m not studying:

I ride motorcycles, play video games and I am also taking part in amateur modelling with a couple of agencies in the UK.


My top study tips:

The best tip that works really well for me is to break each chapter down into a subchapter then make your notes and move on to the next one when you are happy you understand it. Then you don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work you are doing.


Where to find me:


Twitter: @OpenFASS


My manifesto