Freshers begins on 23 January!

Join us for a fortnight of events, and meet your fellow OU students.

A blue background with confetti. The Freshers 2023 logo is at the top, and below is a dark blue box

We're pleased to announce the programme of events for Freshers Fortnight from 23 January - 5 February!

Take a look at the Freshers programme for the array of online and face-to-face events on offer; from face-to-face meet-ups in Cardiff and Edinburgh, to online events including the Societies and Clubs Fair, how to Be Productive with Mindapples, sessions from support groups, a staff v students University Challenge quiz, and so much more! 

Freshers is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow students and learn more about the Association. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you have time for, and Freshers is for all OU students - whether you're new here or near the end of your time studying.

You can also sign up to our special Freshers mailing list to receive updates on Freshers.

See you there!

Take a look at the Freshers website