New print Hoot magazine for students in secure environments launches

The Hoot SiSE Magazine has been developed as a way to include students studying in secure environments (such as prisons) in the OU Students Association community.

Image shows the magazine front cover. Text reads 'The Hoot' with an image of pink tulips in the midd

The Students Association is proud to have launched a new print edition of The Hoot for students in secure environments (SiSE). 

The Hoot is the OU Students Association’s online magazine for OU students, and students in secure environments are valued members of our community. The first issue of The Hoot SiSE Magazine has been sent to 157 prisons and secure facilities housing Open University students and includes a selection of edited articles which have appeared online in recent months. 

Two copies of the magazine have been mailed to each location, facilitated by the Open University’s Wellingborough warehouse. Each package also includes a prepaid envelope so students can submit their own writing to be published online or in the next print issue, which is expected in six months’ time. 

By bringing the Association to these students, we are expanding work on our strategic aims to inform, support, engage and involve as many OU students as possible.   

Tom Mitchell, EDI & Student Welfare Projects Officer at the Association, said: “The Hoot is a brilliant way to communicate with students and to make them feel part of the community they’re in despite studying remotely, away from each other and the university. But as an online publication, it hasn’t been accessible to a small but important part of that community; our Students in Secure Environments (SiSE). These students are very often unable to access the internet and therefore The Hoot, and so the Association EDI & Student Welfare and Digital Communications Teams decided to take The Hoot directly to them in printed form”. 

To find out more about how the Hoot SiSE Magazine was developed, visit The Hoot. 

You can read and download a PDF version of the Magazine online.