About Us

This group is for self-confessed 'OU Study Addicts' who have a passion for learning and a love for studying

Aims of the group:

To talk about study tips, study experiences and their student journeys.

To share resources (study tools, study skill tips, links to extra courses) and to generally support the avid OU Student or Past OU Students within this group.

You can also find us on Discord, search for 'OU Study Addicts. The link is https://discord.gg/3vR6M5QDHP


We define OU Students as those studying OU modules, future learn or Open Learn, and Ex-Past OU students are those who wish to continue to learn after completing OU Qualifications).

We welcome new members, so please join us to meet other students and support each other in a safe, private space.

Moving Forward:

We intend to hold some regular drop-ins, so members can share experiences and chat to others who love to study too!

We would love to hear ideas of what else we could do to make this group an active and engaging space for our members, either by commenting below or you can PM me directly.

Please join us if you too have found a habit-forming love for study.