Join our fifth Conference resolutions debate session. This session covers the same content as the session on Sunday 12 May.

In this session we will be looking at Resolutions B and C.  

  • Resolution B proposes changing our elected Student Leadership Team to include three to five Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) roles to represent the existing Groups at the Association in a more comprehensive way.  
  • Resolution C proposes a trustee term change for 2026 to be a one, rather than two-year term in a move towards then holding separate annual elections for student leaders and trustees.  

We will also be discussing a student policy which advocates for University support for students with undiagnosed additional needs.

You don't need to 'debate' to take part in these sessions. Please contribute how you feel most comfortable - you can have your camera off, you can contribute via the chat box or you can just listen to the discussions. 

Not sure on what Conference is? Find out more in our Conference web hub.  

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