Join the Open University Psychological Society (OUPS) for a face-to-face event for Level 1 psychology students

You are in the early stages of your journey through the Open University psychology degree, and hopefully you are enjoying it so far. But what have you got to look forward to in the coming years? The point of our Exploring Psychology Day is to give you some idea of the exciting topics, theories and research that you will be encountering in your journey.

The day will be split into four sessions each looking at a different area of psychology, namely social, cognitive, biological, and developmental. Each session will be conducted by a highly skilled lecturer who has extensive experience in the area.

The day provides an opportunity for some face-to-face tutoring which many students find particularly inspirational; but, unfortunately, is not generally available in your OU studies today. And it is a chance to meet and exchange ideas with other students at the same stage of their studying.

Cost: £20 which includes hand out notes

Location: Hills Road College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PE

For more details and to book, visit the OUPS website