A message to our students about the OU system outage

The OU Students Association logo on a dark blue background.

We’re frustrated and concerned about the OU IT system outages, which have caused significant issues for OU students being unable to access their module results on StudentHome both yesterday (17 July 2023) and today (18 July 2023).

We know first-hand what an anxious time it is waiting for results, and the issues with accessing StudentHome have compounded that for many students.

We know that OU staff are working hard to resolve the issues, but nevertheless, this is not acceptable. We are engaging with the OU as a matter of urgency, and have written to key University personnel this morning to express our concern. 

In the meantime, if you have any immediate issues with your results, please contact your Student Support Team in the first instance.  

If you need some support, please take a look at the Support and advice section of our website. We also have an Independent Student Advice and Representation Hub.



We have been reassured by the Open University that StudentHome is now up and running, and that students who are expecting to receive results are able to access the results page.

The Open University's system status page (the 'Issues viewing results on StudentHome' incident) gives further details on this matter.