Did you know we’ve updated the Student Charter?

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A typewriter with a piece of paper with the word 'UPDATE' on it.

So, what is a Student Charter?  

Students and staff worked together to develop a Student Charter at the OU which highlights what we all expect from one another. As a member of the OU community, the Student Charter acts as a pledge that we all sign up to. We make a set of commitments to each other, including a commitment from the OU to support you on your learning journey. The Student Charter sets out the values and principles that on which all our interactions and activities, as students and as staff, throughout our time with the OU, are based. 

Every year we review the content based upon student and staff feedback. This year we are pleased to include in the Student Charter support for an anti-racist environment and equitable learning. These reflect the OU’s new strategy and means students are given needs-based support rather than a one-package-suits-all approach. 

The OU and the OU Students Association, who work in partnership on the Student Charter as well as on other projects, are passionate about Equality, Inclusion and Diversity and this is relayed in the Student Charter and within the OU community. 

Please familiarise yourself with the updated Student Charter here.