Gareth Jones to step down as Deputy President to join staff team

A headshot of Gareth Jones.

The Association’s Deputy President, Gareth Jones, will be stepping down from his role on Friday, 15 March. We are delighted to announce, however, that Gareth will be joining our staff team on Monday, 18 March to take up the role of Volunteer and Representation Officer (providing maternity leave cover).

Gareth will leave very large shoes to fill from his role as Deputy President. He’s been a highly diligent and committed student representative, always putting students at the heart of decision-making. He has ensured that the student voice has been heard at the highest levels of the University, and his establishment of the Tutor Awards has been a big success.

Just before Christmas, Gareth was instrumental in securing the addition of the OU Students Association to the list of designated Learner Representative Bodies in Wales, meaning that we will be able to send a representative to important meetings that impact Welsh higher education policy.

Margaret Greenaway, Association President, said:

“Gareth has been an invaluable member of the Student Leadership Team (SLT). His wealth of knowledge from his previous term on the SLT as Faculty Representative Business & Law has been a huge asset to both the Association and the Leadership Team.

“Gareth has been instrumental in driving forward change, implementing policy, and leading on a number of campaigns and consultations within, and on behalf of, the Association.

“As President, I could not have wished for a better fit for the role of Deputy President, and as a result I have mixed emotions about Gareth leaving his role and the Leadership Team. It will be a huge loss for myself and the Team. However, I am also extremely happy for Gareth, and content in the knowledge that he will continue to work within the Association as a member of staff.

“I would like to thank Gareth for his time, dedication and passion as Deputy President, and as a valuable member of the SLT, but also for being such an amazing support, colleague and friend.”

We congratulate Gareth as he joins the staff team, and we wish him all the best in his new role.

Our Board of Trustees are currently considering how to cover the Deputy President role for the four-month period to the start of the new student leadership term.