Open University celebrates Gold rating in first ever TEF entry

A square with two shades of blue as the background containing the text 'TEF 2023'

The Open University has won an overall Gold rating on its first entry into the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), having received a Gold for student outcomes and a Silver for student experience. 

The TEF encourages and recognises high-quality teaching and student outcomes in higher education, and 2023 was the first time the OU has taken part. A Gold accolade is bestowed only if a higher education institution can consistently deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes for its students. 

The OU Students Association also provided a submission to the Office for Students as part of the OU’s TEF assessment. 

Students Association President, Margaret Greenaway, said: “The overall Gold rating for the 2023 TEF Award to the OU is a fantastic result, and something that everyone involved with the OU can be proud of. It is testament to the hard work put in by staff and students alike, demonstrating what a fantastic institution the OU really is.  

“Whilst the Silver rating for student experience is still a good outcome, it shows that we cannot stand still, and the OU Students Association looks forward to working with the OU to help turn this silver into a gold next time!” 

Deputy President, Gareth Jones, who led the work on the Students Association’s submission, added: “I am delighted that we were able to contribute to an incredible outcome in the 2023 TEF Award through the Students Association's student submission.  

“I know the amount of time and effort that was put into both the OU’s and the Student Association’s submission, and this outcome is a just reward for that. I want to congratulate everyone who contributed to this, and on a personal level thank the staff and students involved at the Students Association for their support in compiling our submission.”