Record-breaking participation in the Tutor Awards

Image reads: Tutor Awards 2023

We’re pleased to announce a record-breaking number of nominations in the 2023 Tutor Awards.

In 2022 the Students Association launched the Tutor Awards, an award dedicated to OU Tutors, decided by OU students. Designed to shine a light on the unwavering dedication of OU Tutors. Headed by our Deputy President Gareth Jones, the awards were a huge success and 175 students submitted a nomination.

This year, the Tutor Awards are back. Nominations closed on Thursday 11 May, and we are thrilled to share that we received an outstanding 738 nominations, an impressive 421% increase on nominations received the previous year. 305 of the students who nominated a tutor also volunteered to judge the awards. This student engagement is a testament to the positive relationships and experiences of OU students and their tutors. 

What’s next? Four judging panels consisting of student volunteers each chaired by a Faculty Rep will meet over the summer to determine a winner in four faculties, with Open and Access combined. The winning Tutors will be announced in the Awards Ceremony at the Students Association Freshers Fair at the end of September. It’s an event not to be missed so be sure to watch out for the registration link over the coming weeks.

Lastly, thank you from everyone at the Association to those who have been involved with the Tutor Awards so far, whether that be nominating a tutor or volunteering to judge.

Take a look at the results of last year’s awards here.