Statement on UCU marking and assessment boycott

The University and College Union (UCU) have recently announced the results of a ballot of their memberships on renewing their mandate for industrial action. This will allow UCU to continue industrial action for the next six months as part of their dispute with the higher education sector. Following the renewal of their mandate, UCU have announced a marking and assessment boycott, to commence on Thursday 20 April. Read the UCU's explanation of the marking and assessment boycott on the Hoot.  

This boycott has the potential to impact some students, particularly those approaching the end of their modules soon. We are in regular discussions with The Open University on the effect this boycott will have on students, and we encourage you to speak to your Student Support Team if you are concerned or have been adversely affected by the industrial action. This element of the industrial action will only impact marking and assessment. Other aspects of your engagement with OU staff, like tutorials, will not be affected by this action.  

We are frustrated at the lack of resolution in this industrial dispute and the ongoing impact it has on students. It is imperative that all parties work in an expedient and conciliatory manner to resolve the dispute to stop students being affected by issues outside of their control. We will continue to be in dialogue with the OU and UCU about this issue and share any more information when we can. If there are any issues you would like us to be aware of, these can be reported on the Student Issues page.

To tell us whether you support or oppose the boycott, vote here.

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