Statement from OU Students Association Chair of Trustees and President

On Tuesday December 7th the OU Students Association approved the Governance Reform resolutions that will be voted on by Conference in January 2022.

These resolutions are the result of months of hard work and based on overwhelming evidence that change is necessary to better represent, engage and involve students in the Association’s work.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the oversight of the strategic direction of the Students Association.  The resolutions discussed and approved by the Board represent an official recommendation to Conference delegates to vote to approve the resolutions in order for necessary change to be implemented for the benefit of the Association. 

This process of change should not be seen as threatening, but as an opportunity to develop further our Association as one that is committed to improving its processes and structures to better serve both current and future student membership.

The OU Students Association is led by students, for students. This democratic will of our members must be recognised, and all students should have the opportunity to have their voice heard.  The Trustees encourage students to engage with the proposed Governance Reforms, participate in the official campaign activity regarding these changes, and submit questions for the official campaign teams.

It is exciting to facilitate a robust democratic process as the OU Students Association enters its 50th year representing 175,000 students. The Trustees are proposing these changes as we want this organisation to be fit for purpose for the next 50 years. We encourage all OU students to engage with the proposed Governance Reforms and play a part in the development of this brilliant organisation.