We have three new Honorary Life Members!

Liz Marr receiving her Honorary Life Membership from Association President, Margaret Greenaway. Liz Marr receiving her Honorary Life Membership from Association President, Margaret Greenaway.

We were recently pleased to award three Honorary Life Memberships to three important people in the life of the Association (and the Open University as whole):

  • Sarah Jones (former Association President and current Chair of OUSET (Open University Students Educational Trust))
  • Liz Marr (retired Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) at The Open University)
  • Fanni Zombor (former member of the CEC (Central Executive Committee – former name of the Student Leadership Team) and current Student Trustee.

(The photo above shows Liz being presented with her award by our President, Margaret Greenaway.)

Here is one of the many supporting nominations we received for each person.

Sarah Jones:

"Starting with her work as FAR (Faculty Association Representative) for WELS (the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies), Sarah helped establish a benchmark to which other FARs could measure themselves against as a successful representative. Moving on to her time as President, Sarah helped to lead the CEC through one of its most challenging periods – responding to the pandemic. She dedicated herself to improving the student experience during these difficult times and set the tone for celebrating the Association’s 50th birthday. Sarah continues to work to improve the student experience through her role as Chair of OUSET."

Liz Marr:

"During her time as Pro-Vice Chancellor for Students, Liz has been a constant friend of the OU Students Association, and an ally when it came to difficult conversations with the wider University. Liz has led and collaborated with us on an untold number of projects over recent years, with the ultimate goal of improving the student experience. Nowhere was this more evident than her advocacy for the student voice."

Fanni Zombor:

"Fanni was an inspirational member of the CEC for several years before moving on to her current role on the Board of Trustees. Her commitment to the student voice and elevating the communication of the Students Association has had lasting effect. Our online magazine, The Hoot, is a growing success. Since 2019, it has continued to draw in students, while its PDF counterpart brings a selection of its contributions to our SiSE students (students in secure environments). Her commitment to students has always been above and beyond, and she has been an active and ever-present member of the student community through various clubs and events."

Our congratulations go to Sarah, Liz and Fanni on the receipt of this deserved honour.