Elizabeth Scully

My role:

As the England Area Rep, I would like to help foster a greater sense of community among OU students, as well as making sure they all know what the Student Association is and what it has to offer students. I would also like to help represent the students' voices in all central OU decision-making, and in turn to make sure the students are aware of any new changes.

My priorities for this term:

To explore where and how students are interacting with each other, and to learn how we can encourage more students to get involved. I feel meeting other students outside of our own studies within our local areas will help broaden our sense of community within The Open University.

What I’ve been up to and what I’m currently working on:

I am still in the learning process of discovering what my role entails and how the CEC (Central Executive Committee) works. I am exploring all the clubs and societies on the OU website, as well as on Facebook. 

I have also discussed some ideas with our new VP Engagement, Lou Robinson, regarding some online student groups, which we hope (if implemented) will encourage more students to get involved.

What I’m studying:

I am a first-year Law student, but I completed the first two years of an English Language and Literature degree in 2021.

What I do when I’m not studying:

When not studying, I am training to become an advisor for Citizens Advice, I volunteer as a children’s reading mentor, and am the chairperson for our local Air Cadet Squadrons Civilian Committee. I like to potter in the garden, read, visit historic places, especially cathedrals, and to photograph wildlife and plants.

My top study tips:

I'm not sure I am the best person to answer a ‘top study tip’ question, other than to do the opposite of what I do! But on a serious note, my top tip is to always walk away from the studies the second it is not getting through to you or you are stuck on something. A change of scenery or activity usually helps you to refocus. My second tip is to always ask someone to read your written work. This accomplishes two goals – if they can understand what you have written, you have done a good job with your explanations/answers, and they may catch any spelling or grammar errors you and your spell-check may have missed.

Where to find me:


Twitter: @Open_England

My manifesto