Name: Steph Stubbins        
Role: Faculty Association Representative for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

What this role involves:

Communicating with students, empowering their student voice, and representing them in discussions within the faculty. Building a welcoming community, so students feel involved and confident enough to express their opinions.

What you've studied and are studying at the OU:

I have previously achieved a Dip HE in Business Management and I am now studying an Integrated Masters in Environmental Science

Why you decided to volunteer and any previous volunteering with the Association:

I am currently an OUSET Trustee, an Honorary Life member, and an active member of the OU Student community.

I have previous experience as a CEC member (VP Community 2016-2018, Deputy President 2018-2020), Central Committee Representative (various committees from 2016-2020), Senate Reference Group Member (2015-2021) and have had various other roles.

I always enjoy volunteering, having the opportunity to help other students and make a difference. I wanted to represent STEM students, listen to their views, ideas, and concerns, and take their student voice to the relevant areas within the University to positively impact decision-making.

I have a broad knowledge and general understanding of the work of the University and Students Association, and with 8 months left of the term I had confidence that I could effectively do the role.

Summary of what you want to do in your role during the August 2020-July 2022 term:

  • I aim to build links with the STEM faculty, creating a two-way communication channel to filter student voice through to the OU while feeding back to students.
  • I will work as part of the CEC leadership team to improve the student experience for OU students, while supporting the individual and collective work of the CEC.
  • I hope to improve areas around student satisfaction, student success, student experience, EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), teaching and learning, career and employability, and OU communications.

Any other interests you'd like to share:

I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. I like to do arts and crafts in my spare time.

Social: Facebook Twitter @steph_starr